Friday, June 29, 2012

Lake Ariel

I am in Lake Ariel, PA, in the house my great-grandfather built. This is a place of happy memories- a place my father cherished since he was a boy. My Aunt Maha found the guest book, and we read a particularly moving entry my father wrote in 1995: "Steve, Joanne, Philip, Justine August 19-22, 1995 LaMartine wrote a poem, "Le Lac," about how we try to stop precious moments in time, and then look back at them with fondness. Lake Ariel is a special place where we do stay in time, for a time, for a few days, a week, a month. When we return, we are older & different, but of course the lake has not changed in its special, timeless essence, and for that we are always grateful. It has become a quiet measuring point for our lives. Wonderful weather, with special pleasures & joys for Philip & Justine."

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